If you haven’t checked out our last blog– make sure to head over there first before you read this! The last blog touched on tips for beginners getting started with LinkedIn. Now that we’ve brushed up on the basics, lets get into how to make your LinkedIn stand out and more importantly- how to increase Linkedin engagement. The whole point of social media is to interact, gain followers and create engaging content, all while promoting your personal brand. LinkedIn isn’t any different in this aspect. Increasing LinkedIn engagement is an important part of having a stellar profile on the platform. Keep reading for a few tips on how to make great content to increase your LinkedIn engagement.

1. Keep in Mind the Best Time to Post

Just like how there are better times to post on Instagram to get the most interaction through likes and comments, there are better times to post content on LinkedIn. Most likely than not, the users you interact with are not scrolling through LinkedIn in the middle of the night or on the weekends. According to Sprout Social, the best time to post on LinkedIn has changed. But as of the most recent data, here are the times you should be posting.

2. Share Your Work

LinkedIn is gradually rolling out a “Featured” section for all users. This tab will allow Linkedin users to highlight samples of their work to showcase your experience and skills. But until then, it is important to highlight your original work through posts. Say you write a blog post or publish an article, share that on LinkedIn! Don’t just share a link to your post- make sure to write a short blurb along with your post to catch your audience’s attention. LinkedIn can be a great tool to increase your exposure, so writing and sharing articles that highlight you and your brand is great. But, its even better if you share those posts to your LinkedIn and use the platform like a portfolio. Although CNN is a different from a personal portfolio, here’s a great example of adding a small blurb along with the link to your article. Just enough to let your followers know what your piece is about, but not the full story.

3. Be Cautious of How Often You Post

It is crucial to find a happy medium when it comes to post volume. You don’t want to spam your followers with too many posts per day, but you also don’t want to post too little that they forget about you. According to LinkedIn, the ideal amount is to post 2-5 times per week. Your best bet is to do scheduled posts so that you post frequently enough during ideal times.  Hubspot , found that “once you publish more than 5 times per week (for most companies, this means once per work day) the return on investment drops substantially”. Here is their graphic to go along with that data.

4. Highlight Accomplishments

This is where you can have some fun! LinkedIn is the place to put your best, professional foot forward. So, highlight your accomplishments. There can be a fine line between highlighting goals you have achieved and bragging, so this is where you have to be cautious. Forbes put it this way, “It’s OK to share your success- as long as you do it in an authentic and humble way”.

In this post, Johnson&Johnson congratulates a member of their team, offers a brief explanation as to what they are congratulating him for, and include a visual. This post is worthy of the shout out it gives, while being eye-catching- the perfect combination for increased engagement.

5. Engage With Others

Just like how all other social media platforms work, LinkedIn is a two-way street. You want other users to like and comment on your posts, so make sure to do the same on theirs! I’m not saying scroll down your feed going on a liking and commenting rampage. But, do make sure to give other people’s posts some love too. Congratulate others on their new jobs, achieved goals or big milestones. LinkedIn makes it super easy to do with the automated responses they put under job updates. Just choose one that sounds like your voice the most- it’s as easy as that!

If you are wondering how to incorporate LinkedIn into your social media marketing strategy, feel free to contact us.