Facebook Saved Audiences Luke MccallionWouldn’t it be nice if, as a business owner or marketer, you could drop your product or service in the face of every potentially interested customer? Well, you can with Facebook Saved Audiences and we’re going to show you how to get started.

First Things First: What is a Facebook Saved Audience?

With Facebook’s ‘Saved Audiences’ tool you can target a specific audience based on anything from marital status to buying behaviors. Own a brewery? Target beer lovers. Run a limousine service? Target newly weds earning in the top five percent! You get the point. You are completely behind the wheel. Does that sound too good to be true? Yes. But, it is true and if you’re not already using this tool, you need to after reading this! If you are using Saved Audiences it’s time to clear up some confusion.

In this article we’ll be covering how to use Saved Audiences and what Saved Audiences really entails. We’ll also be answering if Instagram users are included in the potential reach that Facebook estimates for you? After all, Facebook does own Instagram.

How to Use Facebook Saved Audiences

If you haven’t already, you can add Saved Audiences to your Facebook marketing arsenal in two ways.

1. From Business Manager

In Business Manager you will click the Assets tab and select Audiences.

Facebook Business ManagerFrom there you will:

1. Select Create AudienceFacebook Saved Audiences

2. Choose Saved Audience 

3. Appropriately name the Audience for easy retrieval

4. Begin targeting!


2. From Create Ad

Another way to create a customized audience is from the Create Ad screen in Ads Manager. First you will be prompted to select an objective for the ad. After that you will be directed to the Audience section of the ad creation process. From there you can Create an audience, begin customizing, and save it.


This is where the magic happens! After you identify your niche, which at this point you are most likely familiar with, you’re going to select your target demographic.

First, select your location in the area shown in the image below. Next up is choosing the ages for your audience. For example, if you’re selling arthritis gloves you wouldn’t want to waste time advertising to eighteen year olds. I use that example because I made that exact mistake when I first began using Facebook Ads Manager. Now you don’t have to!

Now the fun begins. In the next section of the Create Audience menu you will begin specifying your audience. Pizza places, target pizza lovers. Burger places target burger places. Easy enough, right?

Don’t forget to use the Browse button for more specific options. In Browse you can target people based on their income, job title, marital status, etc.


Lastly, don’t forget to Narrow Further or Exclude people. This was a feature I often overlooked in my early marketing days that has made a significant difference in my results. It works almost as a funnel. In the example below I will be acting as a top-notch wine distillery to show how it works.

The first section before narrowing is the overarching category/categories for your audience. I chose Wine Lovers so Facebook will target all Wine Lovers.

By narrowing further or excluding people, you can choose specific groups within that first general group of people. I decided to select all Wine Lovers living in the top five percent of richest zipcodes in the US.

Any narrowing or excluding you do after that will continue to lessen your potential reach, resulting in a more specific audience. That brings me to my next point, reach!

What Does ‘Reach’ Entail?

When creating an ad, during the creation of your audience you will see a meter as shown below. This meter estimates how many people your audience consists of and the potential reach of your ads.

This is where the confusion arises! During ad creation you will have the option to specify your ad placements. Some options are News Feed, Right Hand Column, Stories, etc. all which have an impact on your ad’s reach. Do these placement options mean your ads are only reaching Facebook users? No! Without touching the placements, your ads are being placed before Instagram users as well.

Instagram users are included in the Potential Reach number shown below the meter.

However, you can choose to only advertise on Facebook if you’d like by selecting Facebook only placements. That being said, depending on your niche, using both Facebook and Instagram together can be very beneficial and will increase your potential reach.  Keep in mind, whether or not you should be aiming for a large reach has a different answer for everyone.

Save Your Audience

Finally, the most important step of all, save the audience! By saving the audience you will have the ability to access it and apply to other ad sets or campaigns if necessary. Say, for example, I want to run ads with engagement as the objective and another set of ads with conversions as the objective but I want to target the same audience, boom! the audience is now easily retrievable and I don’t have to recreate one.

Don’t forget to name it something reasonable and obvious. For my example above, since I was posing as a wine distillery targeting wine lovers in the top five percent of zipcodes regarding wealth, I would name the audience something like “Wine Lovers 5 %”. This is simple enough but a very important step to ensure efficiency and organization.

Was that helpful?

Hopefully now you can confidently utilize Facebook Saved Audiences and add them to your marketing arsenal! If not, let us know if you have any questions on what we’ve covered above.  You click here to contact us now!