Are your Instagram ads not driving enough clicks and sales? Are you having a hard time differentiating your offer?

If so, follow our steps that will lead your ads to more conversions and ways to create more effective campaigns.

#1: Consider Adjusting Your Copywriting Formula

The most successful formula that is ageless is Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS). This formula addresses the customers problem, amplifies the pain and presents a solution. It’s not always possible to agitate the issue in a short Instagram ad caption, however presenting a solution is just as effective.

It’s important to know when to keep your ad copy short and sweet

Knowing your audience is the first step. How well do they know your brand? Are they looking for the product or service that you provide? Do they still have hesitations to overcome?

It’s best to keep your Instagram ad copy short and sweet when:

  • No introduction is needed when the consumer is already familiar with your brand and offer.
  • You’ve created a highly targeted Instagram ads audience so everyone who sees the ad is from a similar demographic or at the same stage of the consumer’s journey.
  • Your audience is ready to convert and just needs a gentle nudge to take action.

#2: Make Your Offer Clear as Early as Possible

Present the offer in the first 100 characters of your caption, so it is clear to your audience what you are offering. It is possible that they won’t click to read more if you use all 2,200 characters. We. Want. Conversions. So keep it simple and sweet.

#3: Echo Landing Page Language in Your Instagram Ad Copy

To create successful conversion campaigns on Instagram, it’s important to construct an irresistible offer and then deliver on the landing page. Setting clear expectations and meet them right away, will establish trust from the second they click on your ad.

Repurposing select landing page snippets in the ad copy is an efficient way to accomplish this goal. Reusing key phrases reinforces the ad’s message and confirms that the offer is exactly what the consumer expects.

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#4: Align Your Call to Action With Instagram’s CTA Buttons

Depending on where you place your call to action, in the beginning, middle or end of your ad copy, conversion campaigns need to have a CTA that the consumer can’t pass up.

Action verbs are great for this as well as incentives. “Buy now” or “get started” is a great way to encourage your audience to act upon on your ad. Giving you, conversions.

Repeating the same CTA in your ad and ad copy will emphasize your message and have a better chance at the audience acting upon your offer.

#5: Overcome Common Objections

When trying to drive sales, there will always be an objection to overcome. Why might your audience decline this offer? Once you have that figured out, you have to do everything you can to overcome those objections.

Try advertising a free offer. First this will overcome the price objection but also entice those who aren’t concerned about the cost. Who doesn’t love free stuff?  For example, write something like “get started today for free” or “sign up today at no cost.”

#6: Stop the Scroll With Elements of Urgency

Instagram is designed to keep it’s users scrolling. So how do you get users to stop?

Creating a sense of urgency, this tactic disrupts thought patterns and causes people to take action without overthinking and can be extremely effective.

Instagram ads can convey urgency in countless ways:

  • Use language like “limited time” or “ends soon” to highlight the temporary nature of the offer.
  • Give users a deadline by stating the end date for the sale or offer.
  • Imply scarcity by indicating that the product or service is limited in quantity.
Photo from Social Media Examiner.

#7: Reinforce Your Instagram Ad Copy With Video Captions

Creative ads are great, however, if they are too eye-catching, users may never make it to your caption.

To achieve maximum sales, make your creative do double the work. In addition to making your image or video visually appealing, ensure that it also reinforces the ad caption.

Posting an ad that is a graphic or a photo instead of a video? Add a text overlay to the creative to drive your message home.

#8: Add Emojis to Long-Form Copy for Awareness Ads

Emojis can be smart additions to Instagram captions. Emojis can significantly increase conversion and click-through rates.

Your Instagram ads typically need more copy to introduce the brand, outline benefits, and overcome objections. Breaking up the text with emojis can be really effective and drive conversions as they draw direct attention to the ads headline. You can even strategically make it look like a to-do list.

#9: Use Numbers to Establish Immediate Value

Along with emojis, numbers can also do wonders to break up text blocks. Creating a pattern disruption is hard to ignore and numbers have an additional benefit. They express value in an understandable way instantly.

Users don’t need time to translate ad copy like “75% off.” They know right away it’s a great offer and can react accordingly. It  clearly conveys savings and draws in users looking for a great deal.

#10: Test Instagram Ad Copy That Highlights Benefits vs. Pain Points

Although features can be strong selling points, they tend to be less effective than benefits in ad copy. Features are things your product or service has or can do, while benefits are the positive outcomes of using the features.

By focusing on the benefits your product or service provides, it will help your consumers visualize the result. When they think about where they would be or how they would feel if your offer could solve their problems, they may be more eager to click, subscribe, or purchase.

By mentioning pain points, your ad has an opportunity to connect with consumers about their challenges. After showing them that your brand understands, your ad can offer a solution.

*Tip Use keywords and phrases your customers use in their reviews and comments on your page when incorporating pain points.

#11: Let Your Customers Speak for You

Using testimonials in your marketing can drive sales and increase your return on investment (ROI). Customers can do a lot of talking for your brand, so utilize it.

Influencers can bring credibility to your brand. But when you really want to establish your brand bringing in big-name clients into the conversation can be more effective.

User-generated content (UGC) from your brand’s biggest consumers can say just as much as a testimonial, effectively expressing. To incorporate UGC into your Instagram ads, get permission from the creator and show the happy customer using your product or service.


These 11 tactics whether used alone or in combination with others can make your Instagram ads more effective and give you better conversion rates.

If your unsure which would work best for your audience, test them out! You’ll be sure to find a winning combination and lead your sales to higher numbers!

If you need any help getting started, be sure to contact the Rhinos!