When an Instagram user clicks on your profile, you only get 150 characters to grab their attention. Having the perfect Instagram bio is an important aspect to make sure your profile attracts your targeted audience. The small space below the “follow” button is the perfect space to let users know what your business is all about. Writing the perfectly curated bio allows people to see a peak into your purpose and personality as a brand. That being said, exactly what does the perfect Instagram bio entail?

Before you can begin to curate the perfect Instagram bio, there are a few steps you should take.

1. Switch to a Professional Account

Before we get into anything- make sure your Instagram is switched to a professional account.

To do this…

  1. Tap “edit profile” and then tap “switch to a professional account”.
  2. When asked “which best describes you,” tap “business”.
  3. From there, choose what category best suits your business.

2. Insert Contact Information

Now that you are switched to a business profile, you can add more to your bio than you could before. Now you can add a “contact” button. Your email, phone number and address can now all be visible from your Instagram bio. Let’s use our Instagram profile as an example. From first glance at our bio, you can see we are called Bad Rhino Social Media, since it is mentioned in our username and the bolded text under our profile picture. Below the bolded text, is the option we chose under the “choose a category” section of the steps above. By entering our contact information, anyone who visits our profile can see our address and contact information. If someone were to tap on the address in our bio, it would open up maps and give directions on how to get to our office. If they were to tap on the “contact” button, they would have two options to either call or email.

Inserting your business’s contact information this way allows for more space to write your bio. That way, you aren’t wasting your 150 characters on something that has a more efficient way to be linked on your profile.

3. Pick a Username and Profile Picture

In order to have an eye-catching Instagram bio, you need to make sure you have a fitting username and profile picture. Your profile picture should be distinct enough that it is also noticeable when shrunken down much smaller on the home feed. Your profile picture could be as simple as your logo, or you could pick another image you find suitable for your profile. For your username, you get 30 characters to be creative with. Your username is what pops up when others tag you in a post, so make sure it represents your brand and is not something completely unrelated.

Now, what exactly should you write in your Instagram bio?

1. Tell users who you are!

The whole purpose of an Instagram bio is to tell people who stumble upon your profile a little about yourself. You can take your Instagram bio any direction you want really. You could keep it simple and straight forward by telling users exactly who you are and what you do, like Adidas did below. Their bio is straight to the point and includes a link to their online store. Or you could have some fun with it by inserting personality by using emojis, like Honest Beauty and Old Navy did. Either way, keep your bio true to the kind of business you are. If you are more laid back, represent that in your profile by having some fun with it! Basically- your bio is your 150 character chance to retain a profile visitor’s attention, so make them count!

2.Have an External Link.

If potential clients come across your page, you want a clear link in your bio that directs to your website. The purpose of your Instagram account is to promote your product and brand, so you want to make it as easy as possible to people to be directed to your site. These brands below made it super easy to find the products they are promoting on their site. A tip for this is to shorten your link using a website like bitly.com, that way your link uses less characters.


3. Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to promote your business. Creating a hashtag that is unique to your brand allows users to easily find posts that are related to you. A brand hashtag can become a signature addition to all your Instagram posts. By making it a staple in your Instagram bio, users will correlate that hashtag with your brand. By putting your unique hashtag in your bio and inviting users to use it in their own Instagram posts, you create more awareness of your brand. Companies like Ulta Beauty, Orangetheory Fitness and KitKat, invite their followers to tag them in their posts and also use their brand’s hashtag.


4. Call to Action

What do you want users to take away from reading your Instagram bio? Whether you want them to download your app, purchase your latest product, or check out your website, you need to emphasize that! Start by inviting users to do so, and then follow that with a link! If you need some inspiration, these brands did a great job at encouraging users to click their link.

If you have any questions about how your business can improve it’s Instagram bio, feel free to contact us!