Instagram has always been a unique place to share photos, whether or not it’s a photo of a meal cooked by a user or fun that’s being had with friends. But now, a new feature will allow users to put a particular twist on what they’re sharing.

Instagram will now add video support for the service, so rather than a photo, a user can record how their meal was cooked or what they and their friends were doing that was fun.

“Some moments, however need more than a static image to come to life,” co-founder Kevin Systrom said in a post on Instagram’s official blog. “Until now these stories have been missing from Instagram.”

Users will notice a movie camera icon at the bottom of their screen after downloading the latest version of Instagram. Tapping the icon will open video mode. Up to 15 seconds of video may be recorded at one time, similar to the popular Vine app. With Instagram being a Facebook property and Vine being owned by Twitter, shorter, concise video sharing is another battle in the war between the two giants.

The new video function also features 13 custom filters to further enhance what’s being recorded. Users additionally have the chance to select the screenshot that will be used when the video appears in other users’ feeds.

iPhone users get an added bonus with the new video service. As a result of the notoriously shaky quality that often complements iPhone videos, Instagram launched Cinema, which is designed to help stabilize shaky videos.

“We’re excited to see what the community will bring to video,” Systrom’s post said.

The new updates are expected to roll out on Instagram’s iOS and Android platforms today. With over 130 million Instagram users and counting, video should make a big impact immediately.