On August 30th, Instagram officially updated its “Swipe Up” function to change to a new “Link Sticker.” The swipe up function was a popular feature that allows users to be taken from an Instagram story to another website. The new link sticker was being tested out by since June with selected users. It will now begin to be introduced to everyone .

The app has always been selective about allowing users to add links; you need over 10,000 followers to have access to the swipe up feature. For now, it appears that the same rules will apply for the link sticker as well. But, users who do have access will be gaining some advantages with the new update.

The link sticker lets users customize the link by choosing the style, size and placement of the sticker. Instagram stated that it did this to give users more “creative control.” The previous swipe up function blocked users from reacting to those Instagram stories because the gesture was the same. The new link sticker eliminates this issue because the link is no longer using the same gesture as reactions.

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