Instagram is taking user’s “close friends” list to another level with a new app they have in the works. This app, called Threads, will work side-by-side with the Instagram app we know and love already, but will allow users to have a more intimate with their closest followers. The new app will “invite users to automatically share their location, speed and battery life with friends…,” according to The Verge, who first dropped the story on the soon to be Instagram feature.

The new app will be very similar to the messaging feature already available within the Instagram app, but offers a few differences. The goal of Threads is to encourage constant sharing between Instagram user’s closest followers. Users can opt into automatic sharing that would give their friends “a real-time view of information about [their] location, speed and more,” according to The Verge. Users will also have the option to update their statuses manually. According to The Verge, users will be able to see stories, messages, photos and videos of people in their “close friends” list. And like the messaging feature already on Instagram, a small green dot will indicate if your friend is currently active on the app.

Instagram, and it’s parent company Facebook, have long been rivals with Snapchat. Threads is rumored to be their attempt to compete with their rival social media app. Compared to Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat is a much more private platform in which users share content with a closer group of friends. Instagram’s new app will make sharing a much more intimate interaction, much like Snapchat.

As of now, there is no announced date of when Threads will be launched.

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