We are all guilty of spending time perfecting our Instagram stories and making sure they are just right. For those who are just as obsessed with creating the most visually appealing stories as I am- you’re in luck! Instagram has officially launched new fonts for stories! In a previous blog, I featured how to upload custom fonts to Instagram stories. You can still do that, but now Instagram offers some more creativity with text within the app itself.

How to Access the New Fonts

  1. Make sure your Instagram app is up to date (you can do this within the app store).
  2. Go to Stories. Capture or upload the photo of your choice.
  3. Begin to type and from there you will be able to change the font.

Instagram’s Fonts

1. Strong

Strong is an upgraded version of a font we had before. Now this font has the option to have a double-layer. Before, I would spend time writing out my text twice in different colors and then try to precisely layer them over one another. But now, Instagram took that editing trend and made it a feature within the app.

All you need to do is tap the ‘strong’ font and type your text. Then tap the highlight icon at the top of your screen, indicated in the second photo below- now your text will be double-layered. To change the color, tap the color wheel icon next to the highlight icon. From there you can play with the color overlay options and see what fits your story best!


2. Modern

Modern is another new font featured on Instagram stories. This one also lets you play around with the highlight feature. As pictured below, you can choose to have the font be filled in or just an outline of the text. And just like other fonts you can change the color of the text by using the color wheel or picker tool.

3. Sherif

This font definitely gives off a sophisticated feel. Like the others mentioned, this font also allows the double-layer feature. To do this just type your desired text, tap the ‘highlight’ icon at the top of your screen, and then the color option if you desire to change that too.

4. Comic Sans

This is a font we all know and love. The highlight feature on this font separates it from the rests. As you can see below, when you tap the ‘highlight’ icon at the top of your screen after typing your text, a brush mark appears behind the letters. You can change the color of the text as well as the brush mark.

5. Sans- Sherif