Instagram has officially launched it’s newest solution to compete with TikTok- the hottest and most popular app at the moment.

At this point we have all heard of TikTok (if you are unfamiliar with the app, click here) and see how video sharing platform is dominating the App Store. Seeing the major popularity this kind of platform has gained, it was only fitting that Instagram released their version of a TikTok-like interface.

Similar to TikTok, ‘Reels’ users will be able to share 15-second “TikTok-esque” clips with their Instagram followers. From what we know, the features offered on ‘Reels’ are very similar to TikTok’s. The feature will be accessible through the stories camera. Users are able to start the video through a countdown and will have access to similar editing processes. Editing features both TikTok and Reels have in common are the ability to adjust speed, add audio, add filters/effects and the ability to start and stop recording.

Image via: TechCrunch

Originally, ‘Reels’ was made with the intentions that the videos would only be able to be shared through Instagram stories. But, in the latest updates, Instagram added it’s own separate tab within the app. This way, users will be able to have a space on Instagram that is dedicated solely to content made on ‘Reels’ – just TikTok.

Users will have three options for their ‘Reels,’ send directly to other users, post to stories, or add to the ‘Reels’ tab on their profile.

Instagram hopes the content made for ‘Reels’ is different than that which is posted on IGtv. The latter is intended for longer, more informative content whereas ‘Reels’ content is more laid back and shorter in length. Both offer users to get creative and share personalized content that is discoverable to any Instagram user.

There is no set date for when ‘Reels’ will be rolled out globally. At the moment, the new feature is available for users from Brazil, France and Germany.