Have you noticed that Instagram has added three new boomerang effects? Users still have the option to post the original boomerang we have all grown to love, but there are new features that are definitely worth checking out. This upgrade features a “slowmo” effect, an “echo” effect, and a “duo” effect. Keep reading if you want to know how to access these new features and how to use them for your Instagram stories!

How to Apply Boomerang Effects

  1. Shoot your boomerang.
  2. Tap the infinity sign at the top right of your screen.
  3. Choose from the four effects at the bottom of your screen until your desired boomerang is created.
  4. Post to story.

1. Slowmo

Slowmo does exactly what you think it would do- slow down your boomerangs! After shooting your boomerang, applying slowmo will it down by 50%. So instead of playing for one second in each direction, your boomerang will play for two. Slowmo is the second option you will see on the bottom of your screen, denoted by a clock.

2. Echo

Echo creates a blurred effect on your boomerang, almost like your screen is lagging.

3. Duo

The duo effect both speeds up your boomerang, and slows it down. This effect makes the boomerang return to the beginning in a much quicker fashion than usual. This in effect creates a blurred or glitching effect, which can give your boomerangs a more unique feel.