Hello! My name is Brennan Carney and I’m really excited to start as an intern at Bad Rhino. 

I’m a senior at Ithaca College in New York, but I’m from the town of Wayne, PA. I’m majoring in Journalism with minors in Audio Production and Business Analytics. I’ve always liked writing and reading, and I love the field of journalism because it means you can constantly be learning about new things. I think social media will continue to be more and more important in our news world and journalism in general. 


I’m an editor for Buzzsaw Magazine, a progressive online and print magazine at Ithaca College. I write and edit for Ministry of Cool, the section that focuses on pop culture news, reviews of albums, TV or film and stories about social media. The marriage of pop culture with writing at Buzzsaw is definitely something I want to continue with in my future career. 


Outside of school, I’ve been playing bass and guitar for 11 years, and I love jamming with my friends. I listen to tons of music, but my most favorite band has to be The Strokes – seeing them play a New Year’s Eve concert was a dream come true. If I’m not going to concerts or festivals in the summer, I’m probably spending time with my grandparents and eight younger cousins at our beach house in Ocean City, NJ. 

My personal social media feed often consists of reviews and announcements about new music, the latest baking recipes on instagram and breaking news from my favorite indie media outlets. I’m also known for obsessing over spotify and searching for the best new playlist to share with everyone. I think social media also plays a really important role in helping people engage more with news, and I hope to learn everything I can about it at Bad Rhino.