Grow your Community With the Right Audience

What does it mean to a company when they focus on growing their social audience with new likes and followers? Simply put, a larger audience means more people are viewing your products, services, and engagement campaigns. Clearly, this is a good thing.

Each company must employ a unique strategy to grow their social media channels. Bad Rhino will identify customized and targeted methods to ensure that we fill your communities with the right audience.

Bad Rhino spends time researching where your customers and clients are hiding out. Our strategies will place your brand right where they can see, allowing them to join your community, interact with your content, view your products, and become your customer.

How does the Consulting and Training process work?


Bad Rhino will first analyze where your community growth is currently and analyze what you’ve done successful (or unsuccessful) thus far.

Competitor Audit

Our next step is to review your  competitors communities. Here well start to uncover where you should be uncover information for our initial strategy.

Targeted Social Ads

Bad Rhino will map out advanced advertising strategies to ensure the right audience views your content and your follower/like campaigns.

Community Following

In our initial audit, we’ll begin to uncover where your audience is hiding online and will strategically follow, bringing attention to your community.

Engaging Content

When your content hits the mark, you’ll start to notice more shares, tags, and views. This plays a big part in your community growth.


Bad Rhino performs a full review of your social community each month, focusing on growth, demographics, and specific campaigns.

Our Partners in Awesomeness.

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Who are Bad Rhinos

At Bad Rhino we love what we do, and it shows in our work. We’re a smart, motivated, award winning creative team based in West Chester, PA and that’s where you’ll find a team of savvy Digital Marketing Experts. When coming in for a visit, you’ll find that our office style is as unique as the stories and strategies we craft for our clients.

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With your industry expertise and our social media mastery, we’re excited about the amazing results you’ll see from this collaboration.

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