Facebook and Instagram recently confirmed our suspicions. Instagram has incorporated video into their platform!

It’s seamless, beautiful and now available for iPhone and Android users. Here’s the down and dirty on what makes it different from Vine:

  1. Instagram videos can be up to 15 seconds long, as opposed to Vine’s video lengths which are capped at 6 seconds. According to Instagram’s co-founder, it’s the “perfect medium” between longer format videos and ultra-short videos.Instagram Video - Record Button
  2. With Instagram’s video interface, users will be able to edit bits of their video and re-record. Whereas on Vine, if you need to edit a clip, users are forced to re-record the entire video (though it seems this may be changing soon). Instagram Video - Edit Clips
  3. Instagram is known for beautiful photography and according to today’s announcement videography will be no different. Instagram has developed 13 unique filters into its interface, made specifically for videos. These filters are similar to the filters for photographs, but are all their own. With Vine there is currently no filter option – what you see is what you get. Instagram Video - Filters
  4. With Instagram Video, users can now select their own cover photo. This cover frame is the image that will be published to their friends feeds. With Vine, there is no option to select your own cover photo, it just automatically assigns one. Instagram Video - Cover Photo
  5. Instagram Cinema is here and pretty groundbreaking. Instagram teamed up with video scientists all over the world to create a stabilization feature within their camera interface so that no Instagram Videos are wobbly. This is a pretty remarkable feature that will allow users to seem like professional videographers (much like how Instagram pictures allow users to seem like professional photographers).
  6. There is no loop. On Vine, videos automatically play when you scroll through your feed and they also loop over and over again. With Instagram Videos, the cover photo is what appears in a users’ feed, with an overlay of a video icon. As soon as users lift their finger while scrolling through their feed the video plays. Seamless and unobtrusive.Instagram Video - Seamless Play Function
  7. All Instagram videos will be on the web as well as on the app, so that users can link to their Instagram profile or specific video. With Vine, users must point their friends to the app if they want to share their profile or video or ask people to follow them.

Instagram Video seems to be “everything we know and love,” about Instagram already, “but it moves.” Not sure just yet how this will play out. Vine already has 13 million users and people seem to really like the hyper-short 6-second videos that loop. My prediction: people will continue to use Vine, Instagram users will start using Instagram Video, and some people will use both.

When it comes to brands, they’ll likely just use both Vine and Instagram Video fro the time being, repeating some of the same content on both mediums. As they both continue to grow, likely the audiences who use each will start to look more similar so it will be clearer for brands which medium they should be using to reach their differing target audiences.

Will you ditch Vine for Instagram Video?