TikTok has shared a new report it conducted with WARC and Publicis Groupe. The report focuses on the role of community commerce and “the role that social communities play in influencing purchase decisions.” While Shoppable Stories has existed on Instagram for quite some time, there is no doubt that eCommerce will continue to play a bigger role in people’s shopping habits.

Summary of the themes that the report found to be most important

The survey included 2,230 consumers over 11 different markets to learn about how social media platforms connect to product discovery and purchases. The data shows that there is in fact a relationship between them. In addition, a majority agreed that they liked the shift toward buying directly through social media, as well as wanting there to be even more opportunities to shop that way.

Chapter 1

The first chapter centered around how community commerce falls inside the broader term of social commerce, described as the retail opportunities and ideas that social media has introduced into the retail business.

Chapter 1 Takeaways

The main takeaways all point towards social media and commerce becoming increasingly intertwined.

Chapter 2

Challenging the established idea of the shopper journey being linear, Chapter 2 deduces that the linear model is outdated. Instead, because of social media, “discovery, research and purchase can all happen at the same time” in a shopper’s journey. This is supported by the data that over 70% of consumers are inspired by social platforms to make purchases even when they didn’t initially intend to do so.

Chapter 3

In the third chapter, the report focused on how community commerce impacts decision making.

TikTok is focusing more on the data around livestream shopping, and even conducted testing on in-stream shopping tools and links.  With these updates, users would be able to shop directly through TikTok.

Chapter 4

According to the report, the most authentic and organic commerce takes place thanks to creators. In fact, 72% of respondents said that they find influencers more interesting than conventional celebrities. Regardless of your brand’s size and level of prestige, building a sense of community through social media is essential. Brands succeed the most when their content feels natural and fitting of a creator’s personality or a brand’s identity.

This data from the fourth chapter shows the important role content creators play in community commerce

If you want to read the whole report, you can find it here. Findings like those of this report with TikTok will provide us with more insights into how social media is shifting the way people shop online.

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