What Are The Types of Instagram Accounts?

1. Business or Creator Accounts

Instagram puts both business and creator accounts under the same term of “professional accounts.” Unlike personal Instagram accounts, these types have access to special features. Professional accounts have access to Instagram Insights, gift card delivery stickers and the contact button. While they do fall under the same category, creator and business accounts have differences. 

Business accounts are made for companies that are making profit or selling something. They have the ability to use data for scheduling, Facebook Creator Studio and other analytics from outside sources. 

Creator accounts are aimed at people who create content for specific brands but don’t sell their own products, AKA influencers. Influencers may use a creator account in order to have access to all music, as well as the business features for analytics and branding. 


2. Personal Accounts

Personal accounts, while more private, lack the access to analytics and API that business and creators accounts have. Having your account under the personal label also means you won’t have the swipe-up function for Instagram Stories, as well as being unable to schedule future posts. But, if you’re looking for an accounts to be private and have access to all the music in Reels and Stories, the personal account label may be a good match for you. 


Changing Your Account Type

If you go to your Instagram profile and go to settings, you should see an Account button. In this section, there’s an options that says Switch Account Type between Personal Account or Creator Account. You have the freedom to switch between the types whenever you want, but there’s a risk of losing some data and insights. Instagram temporarily hides some insights and may change your ability to use music under the creator account profile. 

So Which One Is Right For Me?

When setting up an Instagram for your business, it’s important to decide what types of features you want. Business accounts have access to analytics, API, scheduling in advance, Creator Studio, outside analytics, contact button control, gift card delivery and the Stories swipe-up function. Creators have access to just about half these functions; personal accounts do not have access to any of them.


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