If you’re not utilizing email marketing for your business to generate leads and conversion, you’re missing out an integral part of connecting with your customers and prospective buyers. You can’t count on all of your audience to be on Facebook or Instagram. Arguably everyone with access to an internet connection is using email.

Here’s 3 reasons why investing in email marketing pays off

1. The statistics don’t lie

According to the “Not Another State of Marketing” report in 2020, 78% of marketers are seeing an increase in email marketing over the last year. This is heavily influenced by COVID-19, but the rate of success in email marketing is protected to be even higher by 2024.

Another aspect to consider is if you think [italicize] just social media marketing is cutting it, think again. Promotion on social media can be a great way to garner leads, but all that great organic content may be mixed in through the black hole of algorithms — there’s no guarantee your audience will even see it. However, the emails you send have a better chance of engagement when you look at the following email marketing statistics:

  • 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by email

  • 99% of email users are checking their inbox every single day

  • 58% of users check their email before they scroll through social media channels

2. You can create personalized connections with your audience and track it

Using emails from customers or prospective buyers, you can gather information and curate your audiences. Using email marketing tools you can turn that information into strategies to create specific campaigns or to hyper-target specific audiences.

Email marketing is useful to automate emails or even different versions to different audiences with A/B testing. This way, you simply schedule the content and the rest is taken care of. These tools make it easy to stay in consistent contact with your target audience to share important information about your brand.

When you do this, your customers will see the continued benefits of subscribing to your emails.

3. Email Has a Great ROI

If you have high quality content that is relevant to your audience, you can expect to see a return on investment as high as 4400% –– higher than other social media channels. Email marketing is going to be your most important investment when it comes to your business. The ability to receive that much success from an email campaign is why you need to be utilizing this channel when reaching out to customers. 

Point blank, email marketing is proven to garner the highest return on your investment over any other digital channels. Emails can create a more personalized and consistent channel of communication with your target audience that will attract more leads and sales.


If you’re looking to strengthen your email marketing arsenal, contact the Bad Rhino team for more information. We can create robust email campaigns to get the leads that convert into sales.