YouTube is testing a new insights tool that gives feedback about people’s searches in the app. This will include insights information that may offer helpful feedback and opportunities for creators.

What’s Included in the “Search Insights” tool?

Tab 1 — Your Viewer’s Searches

The feature, called “Search Insights,” will eventually be open for creators and can be found under the “Research” tab, accompanied by two individual tabs for research. The first tab will show what your channel’s viewers are frequently searching for. This way, you can get an idea of what else people who watch your content also search for. The tab will reveal the keyword(s), search volume on YouTube and view for your channel in the last 28 days, as pictured below.


On this tab, YouTube has also added the Content Gap marker. With this tool, results are filtered based on search queries that don’t result in a high volume of matches. This benefits creators because highlighting these searches can potentially help them focus their content and align it with what’s being searched.

Tab 2 — Searches Across YouTube

The second tab helps creators get insight on the most common searches based on a keyword. If you wanted find the most common “10 ways” searches, you type that into the search box. Here, you can once again utilize the Content Gap marker. By selecting “content gaps only” as a filter, YouTube shows you the most searched terms that aren’t provided by directly aligned videos. This tool can help highlight new opportunities for your marketing approach.

What’s the Bigger Picture?

The new insights tool can be very valuable when used and interpreted properly by creators. It is comparable to that of Google’s Search Console and Google Trends. Key topics of interest, the overall search volume of those topics and the amount of traffic your channel obtained on each query can be used to improve the content you post. If you’re looking to learn even more about the new tool, Creator Insider’s video goes over more of the details.

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