Case Study: How Bad Rhino quickly built a social media following for this Sports Betting Company


Case Study: How Bad Rhino quickly built a social media following for this Sports Betting Company

Sidelines is a sports media company based in Israel that primarily gains its social media audience to advertise their mobile sports betting app, PropShop. While Sidelines’ account focuses mainly on sports news, their app helps its users with sports betting by providing expert advice and statistics to support certain decisions. Sidelines hired Bad Rhino to assist them with their social media channels and digital marketing strategies in order to gain a larger audience and receive more downloads for their mobile app, Propshop.

Campaign Results

Bad Rhino & the team at Sidelines were thrilled with the growth and engagement gained from our campaigns.
Total Engagements
Increase of Engagements From Previous Year
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Organic Video Views
Organic Impressions
From the Client


  • The market is saturated with larger sports betting brands and other online gambling communities that are already established.
  • Sidelines didn’t have much of a community and had limited exposure on social media.


  • Bad Rhino implemented an organic posting strategy to build a consistent presence and build an audience throughout the year.
  • Bad Rhino used IG reels to influence the algorithm, producing millions of organic views on videos. We also utilized memes to humanize the brand and bring life to the community.
  • During large sports events like the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals, Bad Rhino took advantage of the social media spike to create live tweets, posts, etc. to bring the brand to the conversation.


Community Growth:

Through our organic content and follower strategies, Bad Rhino was able to more than double the Sidelines community. Along with organic content, we also utilized social contests to attract their target demographic.


Engagement & Impressions:

Bad Rhino created videos specifically for Instagram Reels, using strategies we targeted to help influence the algorithm.  Many of these reels produced video views of over 1 million organically while also driving incredible engagement numbers.


Bad Rhino created engaging images geared towards sports fans to drive conversation. Doing this consistently over time kept the brand top of mind to sports fans and sports betters.



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