Paid Ads & Media Buying

We do media buying – so you don’t have to. Our unique omni-channel approach will take your business from wasted ad spend or flatlined revenue to a comprehensive marketing strategy that generates more customers, more cash, and more time with complete transparency and predictability. We’ll write your winning ads, structure your campaigns and grow your business.

Google / YouTube Ads / Google Shopping / Search and Display Networks

Google and YouTube have tremendous reach and complete powerhouses when it comes to audience targeting. Studies show consumers prefer to discover new brands via a Google or YouTube search. We’ll ensure your ads are laser targeted to the right people so you are positioned properly in the marketplace to maximize your ROI.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Let's face it, your potential customers are on Facebook and Instagram so you need to go where they are in order to stay top-of-mind. With it's advanced targeting options, it's one of the fastest ways to connect with your ideal target audience.

Amazon Services

One of the top ecommerce platforms in the world that continues to evolve in advertising capability. You better believe your customers are searching for your products on Amazon to seek out reviews. We'll help design and execute your paid marketing efforts to grow your business.

LinkedIn Advertising

Ever thought of being a thought leader? Or need to reach business that need your products or services? LinkedIn might be the paid advertising platform for you.

SnapChat + TikTok

Have a fun product or service that needs to reach a younger demographic under the age of 35? SnapChat + TikTok both offer viable marketing opportunities with paid digital advertising.

Advance Marketing Strategies

Personalized shopping experiences and customized user journey's are the future. We'll help design advanced automated marketing flows, shopping cart abandonment emails and marketing tactics to recover lost sales based on website visitor behavior to further maximize your marketing reach and return on ad spend.

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Marena Group

Link Clicks

Our Approach to Your Digital Marketing Success

Your powerful and performance-based digital marketing strategy all starts here.
Audit / Strategy

Our team conducts a deep dive into your digital marketing and select competitors to map out initial digital marketing objectives, strategy, and key benchmarks.

Identify Strategies

Bad Rhino identifies the ad platforms, communication channels, and systems that must be optimized to start growing your brand.

Content & Campaign Delivery and Approval

Your team receives our initial digital marketing content & ad creative for review and approval.


It’s time to put your digital plan into action and begin our initial phase. Ad campaigns and custom content begin reaching your target audience.

Analyze Results

What’s measured can be improved through weekly and monthly reporting and analysis with the Bad Rhino team.


We optimize our digital marketing strategies, while removing any components that aren’t working and scale those that are.


Through consistent testing, data collection, and analysis, we’re able to scale your digital marketing and grow your business.

Ready to Charge Your Marketing Forward?

Scale your digital marketing with a dedicated team of digital marketing experts.

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