Case Study: How We Increased Total Revenue By 4x For Lawless Lures In 90 Days


Case Study: How We Increased Total Revenue By 4x For Lawless Lures In 90 Days

Lawless Lures is a fishing lure manufacturer based in Chicago. They are a small company that started in 2020 and developed a new fishing lure called a Recoil Bait. Before joining Bad Rhino, Lawless Lures’ marketing plan revolved around traveling the country and setting up booths at different expos. Over our three-month project, Lawless Lures’ primary goal was to grow its overall brand awareness and social media following. To achieve this goal, Bad Rhino developed a comprehensive strategy to set Lawless Lures up for future success.

Social Growth

Bad Rhino & Lawless Lures are excited about going direct to consumers with their new fishing lure. The idea is to first reach consumers with anticipation of growing the wholesale side of the business in parallel.
New Website Visitors
New Social Followers
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New Social Followers
From the Client
Bad Rhino does their homework. It takes a little time and you have to be a little patient but now we are seeing the sales. Let Bad Rhino do what they do with the analytics and testing and you're gonna get your money's worth.
Sean Rice


  • No original content or user-generated content strategy
  • No prior data for paid ads and no tracking setup
  • Lack of education in the fishing community about the Lawless Lures product
  • Oversees knockoffs competing for their keywords


  • Bad Rhino implemented a consistent organic posting strategy to build an audience.
  • Test content and figure out what people interact with organically. Then incorporating a paid component.
  • Giveaway to increase brand awareness and collect emails to market to.
  • Social media monitoring to engage the fishing community and FAQ build-out for faster response times.

Platforms Leveraged:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Social Media Growth on Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts

With Bad Rhino’s organic posting strategy Lawless Lures Instagram channel grew from 2,700 followers to 8,381 Followers. Lawless Lures Tik Tok channel grew from 1,700 followers to 11,600 followers. Bad Rhino grew the Lawless Lures Youtube channel by 3,500 subscribers. Keep in mind, that this did not happen overnight. Through testing and refining our content strategy we quickly become focused on vertical videos Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Viral Instagram Reels Examples

Viral Tik Tok Examples

YouTube Shorts Examples

Social Media Growth on Facebook

Bad Rhino ran a Lawless paid growth campaign on Facebook. This campaign yielded a .17 cost per like. We grew the Lawless Lures Facebook page from 600 followers to 10,000 followers. Our Facebook Growth Campaign results are in the screenshot below.

Campaign Results/Bad Rhino’s Influence

Social media following is great but let’s talk sales. After the Three Month Project with Lawless Lures, Gross sales increased by 396.19% when compared to the previous three months. During this time, total website visitors increased by 284.10% when compared to the previous three months.

After testing organic content, Bad Rhino used the best-performing videos to create sales ads. The results of the campaign included a 3.27 OVERALL ROAS on an average order value of $34.

Over three months, Bad Rhino drove 35,518 new visitor sessions to the Lawless Lures website. This resulted in 1069 first-time orders with an Average order value of $33. When compared to the previous three months, we 4x total revenue during the 90-day engagement.

Before Bad Rhino 

After Bad Rhino

Key Growth Statistics:

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