Case Study: Niko’s Neighborhood Bar Social Media Case Study

Case Study: Niko’s Neighborhood Bar Social Media Case Study

Originally known as Niko’s Roadhouse, this rebranded bar/restaurant in Hernando, Florida is a local hotspot with indoor and outdoor games, food and drink specials.

Campaign Results

Bad Rhino & the team at Niko’s Roadhouse were thrilled with the growth and engagement gained from our campaigns.
Total Engagements
Link Clicks/Traffic
Total Impressions
New and Local Community Members
From the Client


The newly rebranded Niko’s Neighborhood Bar sought to attract a younger, more lively crowd through an improved marketing strategy. An audit by Bad Rhino found that their social media presence was fairly active but inconsistent with no clear target audience, and their Facebook page and Instagram profile had very few followers to receive any meaningful engagement.

While growth and retargeting were the main objectives, another, smaller objective was to hire more bartenders. In addition to creating visually appealing hiring graphics, Bad Rhino included community management and monitoring across Niko’s Facebook and Instagram profiles to pass along applications, questions, and concerns from customers and potential employees to the owner.


  • Organic content focused on the following categories:
    • Special events (live music, karaoke, game tournaments)
    • Food and drink specials
    • Customer testimonials
    • Engaging quotes and questions
  • Targeted growth ads on Facebook to reach locals
  • Targeted engagement ads on both Facebook and Instagram
  • Monitoring & community management fielding questions and job applications

Organic Content Examples:


Rapid Community Growth:

With our targeted ads & community engagement strategies, we were able to achieve the following:

  • Net of 1,937 new Facebook members likes
  • 1,425% increase in net page likes over the previous year

Community Engagement & Clicks

Bad Rhino’s engaging content style and promoted post strategy proved successful with large increases in both Total Engagement (154%) and Link Clicks (2,643%).



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