Case Study: Reputation Management and Brand Exposure for a Logistics Provider

Case Study: Reputation Management and Brand Exposure for a Logistics Provider

R.A.S. was established in 1993 and is a full service logistics provider with 18 facilities and the resources needed to deliver in 22 states.

Brand Exposure Results

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% of Increase in Engagements
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From the Client


    As a growing logistics company, R.A.S. was lacking a social media presence and B2B organic social media strategy. An audit by Bad Rhino proved that a complete overhaul of each social media channel and a focus on Linkedin was needed to drive the necessary awareness and engagement for an easier path to growth.
    While the main objective was to build awareness and gain visibility to new potential clients, another focus was on providing customer support to the “final mile” customer. In the logistics industry, reputation management can make or break the business, so this meant Bad Rhino needed to include 24/7 community management and monitoring to quickly escalate and resolve negative mentions.


    • Consistency in social posting across Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter
    • 24/7 brand monitoring & customer service for reputation management
    • Split test ads and run campaigns to both a local cold audience and a growing custom audience
    • Develop organic content to highlight company growth, new delivery locations, and the great team at R.A.S.

    Content Examples:

    Reputation Management:

    The Bad Rhino response team monitors conversations across all social channels. Once an R.A.S. negative mention, comment, review, or private message is detected, Bad Rhino gathers customer information and escalates to the client. Bad Rhino facilitates social conversation throughout the process, which is vital to keeping the conversation in check and avoiding the customer sharing their negative experience with various review sites.

    Brand Awareness Results:

    Bad Rhino’s consistent organic strategy has resulted in a massive increase in impressions, engagements, and post clicks.

    • Impressions: 2.7M % increase
    • Engagements: 789K % increase
    • Post Clicks/Traffic: 5,830

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