Case Study: Rapid Social Media Growth and Engagement

Suburban Square

Case Study: Rapid Social Media Growth and Engagement

Campaign Results

Bad Rhino has been excited about early progress and rapid growth from our campaigns, leading the way to a more engaged community.
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From the Client


When hired by Bad Rhino, this client communicated their need to ensure the social content plan included coverage on their most important tenants and the many events held at the shopping center.  Along with gaining a clear picture on content, our client was also hopeful that our strategies would build growth and engagement.


Bad Rhino suggested an increase in posting frequency on both Instagram and Facebook.  Additionally, Bad Rhino felt that promoting select posts each week with both saved & custom audiences would quickly boost engagement and growth.

The team at Bad Rhino has also placed priority on working with tenants on UGC content, collaboration posts and reels, and taken an active role in managing positive and negative comments received.


Community Growth, Engagement, and Impressions:

Through our organic & paid social content strategies, we’ve already seen rapid growth and engagement across both Instagram and Facebook.  


Organic Content Examples:


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