Case Study: The Importance of Social Content Calendars

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Case Study: The Importance of Social Content Calendars

In this case study, we’re sharing an example of how a content calendar helped us track down a dated customer request for our client.
From the Client

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Do you know what you were doing on September 4th, 2014?

While I can’t tell you everything we did that day at Bad Rhino, I am 100% confident that we posted a Diamond Ring on Facebook for one of our clients.

The Importance of Social Media Content Calendars

One of our clients, a leading Jewelry store in the Philadelphia area, reached out to see if we had a way to track down a product we posted back in 2014.  Along with his email, he shared a picture from his customer, which showed the exact post/product she was referencing.  His email to us is in the right below, and the customer’s image is on the left.


I smiled the second I opened his email. Maybe it was a little cocky of me, but I KNEW we had this product tracked in our older systems. This confidence I felt come over me is exactly the power of social media content calendars.

Here’s a quick one minute video I made to show you how I was able to track down the post and product within minutes.



If you watched the video, you see that it didn’t take long for me to find the 2014 Calendar, then scroll to the exact month and day of the social post. Unfortunately, the ring is no longer available, but our client will be able to find something similar, or make her a custom ring in the same style.

Google Docs aren’t our primary method for social content collaboration any longer, but I’m still very fond of them. If your company doesn’t want to pay for a tool like ContentCal, Google Docs are a great alternative. All Bad Rhino clients get access to ContentCal and we find that it’s best for content planning, collaboration, and scheduling.

If you have a question about this specific example or a current social content problem you’re struggling with, just reach out here and our team will get back to you quickly!


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