Case Study: Using Google Ads to Drive Customers into Restaurants

Case Study: Using Google Ads to Drive Customers into Restaurants

In our first year with Niko’s, Bad Rhino focused on social media to build engagement and drive new customers into the bar. We saw an opportunity to utilize Google Ads to continue building momentum and reach new customers.

Google Ads

Direct Customer Visits to Niko's from Google Ads
Return on Investment
0 %
Asked for Directions
Clicks to Call
From the Client


Bad Rhino looked to Google Ads Performance Max Campaign to drive high-quality traffic using targeted keywords and a close proximity to Niko’s.

Google Ads Results: 

While clicks are nice, we focused our conversion efforts on Store Visits, Asking for Directions, and Clicks to Call as those three will be the largest predictors of success for this campaign.


Return on Investment:

We can assume that the average total order value is right around $75.  Some will be higher, some will be lower.  Our tracking proved that 246 customers visited the restaurant after viewing ads, but what we don’t know is how many people they brought with them.  We would assume 2-4, which is why we are placing a value of $75 order value on each of the 246 customers.


246 customers X $75 = $18,450

Niko’s Google Ads Investment: $2,675 

= ROI of 589%


Example Google Ads:

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