Case Study: How Gone Country Hats Went From Startup To Profits In 90 Days

Case Study: How Gone Country Hats Went From Startup To Profits In 90 Days

Gone Country Hats generated the bulk of their business at music festivals prior to meeting Bad Rhino. Their hats come with a lifetime warranty and their business focuses on customer service to make sure you get the right style and size for your hat.

Campaign Results

Bad Rhino & Gone Country Hats were beyond excited about the possibilities of what ecommerce could do for their business.. As you’ll see below, the results speak for themselves. Not bad for the first year online.
Amount Spent
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Link Clicks
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From the Client
One day (5 months in) we looked up and realized we’d gone from “Yee-haw we have 4 orders this week” to “OMG we shipped 931 orders this month”. You could not go wrong hiring Bad Rhino to bring your company from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be.
Judy Kowatch


  • Gone Country was new on digital marketing / ecommerce. Historically their revenue was generated from country music festivals across the country.
  • The pandemic caused nearly all festivals to be cancelled.
  • The entire business model had to be shifted if Gone Country was going to stay in business.


  • Sell hats online across Google, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Target a specific audience and demographic of music festival attendees.
  • 24/7 brand monitoring & customer service for reputation management

Platforms Leveraged:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads


The below graphic shows revenue growth on Shopify over a 12 month period, which has increased ten-fold. You can see where Bad Rhino started marketing in November of and the ramp up period through August the following year. Bad Rhino successfully executed a Google Search coupled with a Facebook/Instagram campaign that targeted music festival attendees. As the results came in, Gone Country continued scaling at their pace as we advised them on how to properly grow their business online.

Gone Country Growth

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