Case Study: Social Media Case Study for Non Profit


Case Study: Social Media Case Study for Non Profit

Empowers Africa is a U.S. public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) supporting programs in the areas of human empowerment, wildlife protection, and land conservation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Campaign Results

Bad Rhino & the team at Empowers Africa were thrilled with the growth and engagement gained from our campaigns.
New Social Community Members
Total Social Engagements
Total Impressions
Total Video Views
From the Client


With a fairly large number of followers on both Facebook and Instagram, Empowers Africa’s engagement levels were lower and did not accurately reflect the size of their audiences. Bad Rhino wanted to grow their following and engagement to allow for more visibility from potential donors.



Bad Rhino suggested more frequent posting with targeted ads to not only grow their following, but promote content out to the right audience.

  • The organic content focused on the following categories:
    • Charitable Grants
    • World Animal Days
    • Information on Wildlife
    • Engaging Animal Posts
    • Conservation Statistics
  • Targeted engagement ads on both Facebook and Instagram
  • Targeted growth ads on Facebook
  • TikTok videos
  • Instagram Reels videos

IG Reels Examples:


Organic Content Examples:

Community Growth, Engagement, and Impressions:

After creating a more defined audience targeting those interested in general conservation, animals/wildlife, nonprofits, community development in the beginning of March 2022, across their 4 social media channels, we were able to achieve:

  • 12,933 new followers: an 19,000% increase in social following

Here is an example growth ad for Facebook:


  • 183,129 Total Engagements: a 892% increase 

  • 4.3M impressions: a 966% increase


  • 1M+ video views: a 7,247% increase



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