How One Social Ad Generated over $700,000 for this Haunted House


How One Social Ad Generated over $700,000 for this Haunted House

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride is an award winning haunted attraction located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. The Bates Motel has been in business for over 30 years and has won various industry awards, including the Best Haunted House in America by CNN Travel.

Campaign Results

Bad Rhino & The Bates Motel team were beyond thrilled with the results. As you’ll see below, this one ad generated over $700K in revenue with a ROAS of 32.
Amount Spent
$ 0
Link Clicks
$ 0
From the Client


  • While the Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride has a loyal following and a great seasonal business, they’ve shut down their social & digital strategy in the off season. This leads to a longer sales cycle when kicking off pre-sales and lower social engagement as the brand has been dormant for most of the year
  • They haven’t had an internal marketing team to build strategy and execute on social/digital ads
  • They have an Inconsistent content strategy during the busy season


  • Build a consistent social presence throughout the year
  • Grow the community through consistent content and social ads
  • Split test ads and run campaigns to both a local cold audience and a growing custom audience
  • 24/7 brand monitoring & customer service for reputation management

Community Growth:

The below graphic shows social community growth on Facebook over the last four years, which has nearly doubled. At the brand’s previous growth rate, it would have taken 12+ years to reach this audience size.
Bates Motel Growth

Example Facebook Growth Ad

Explain FB page Growth

  • Amount Spent: $797
  • Page Likes/Growth: 3,838
  • Cost Per Like: .21

Analysis: This ad ran throughout their off season (January – June) to keep their brand top of mind to haunt enthusiasts interested all year. The end result of this specific campaign was nearly 4,000 more haunt fanatics joining the community.

Example Conversion Ads for Ticket Sales:

  • Amount Spent: $21,500
  • Link Clicks: 24,987
  • Website Purchases: 6,363
  • Cost Per Purchase: $3.38
  • ROAS: 32.86
  • Total Revenue: $706,550

Analysis: This campaign targeted a custom audience of website visitors and FB/IG engagement. We also included a lookalike audience using website visitors. While our budget began with $1,000, we quickly scaled up with measured success.

What’s most important to realize is that this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency in your organic and paid strategy. It takes patience in testing your creative, audiences, etc.

We spent the first two years building up the community, increasing impressions and engagements, and learning what the social community responds to most. We received great results early on, but nothing like the example above.

Brand Awareness Results:

Bad Rhino’s consistent organic & paid strategy resulted in a massive increase in impressions, engagements, and traffic.

What you’ll see below are two graphics depicting the total number of engagements over a four year period and the increase we realized over the previous four year period.

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