Social Media Marketing Clients

Bad Rhino works with a variety of different companies in a variety of different industries. We’ve been very good at what we do, so the majority of our business comes via referral. So we work with a lot of small businesses, whether it be restaurants, bars, hair salons, barbershops, service type businesses like that. We’ve also worked with some of the largest technology companies in the world, from a standpoint of building communities. Whether it’s job search related, or information related for people in those industries. So we’ve done a lot of work in those areas. The other areas that we’ve done quite a bit is in the golf world. Worked with people selling products in the golf world, as well as golf courses, including working a little bit with PGA on a consulting basis, just the local section. We spoke there and taught there. We’ve also done quite a bit in the craft brewing arena. We’ve worked with both small and larger craft brewers here on the East coast, and looking to working with more.

A variety of clients is what we’ve always been interested in. We don’t just focus in on one or two areas. We work with customers that get it, that want to understand social media and put a strategy in to have a long term vision of where they want to go with their business.