Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing Engagement

After you’re listening to your potential audience, and you’re developing new content, it comes down to engagement. You can read about all these things. Everybody has different viewpoints, and there’s all sorts of different books, articles, blog posts, videos about what I’m talking about.

How we approach it at Bad Rhino with engagement is we don’t want engagement for just engagement’s sake. I’d rather have a post that goes out that hits everybody, and there’s four or five really good comments on there, than just 1,000 likes because it was a pretty picture of food. Likes are important, engagement is important as well, but you want to have engagement that’s meaningful to your business. Is there a call to action that gets them to go then purchase something? So that would be the ultimate, right? You see something, you’re like, “Yes. I’m gonna buy it.”

Then the other side of it is you need to warm them up to buying it. So you’re explaining something, and then they’re giving you some feedback like, “Hey, we don’t like the red buttons on this, we like the blue buttons.” Okay, that’s good. Well maybe we do another post, and show them the red buttons, the blue buttons, and the green ones. You know, whatever that might be, whatever that might tell, get more feedback. And that’s the type of engagement that you want to do, if you interact with your community and audience correctly, you get that feedback, you can adjust your product or service, and give the people what they want ultimately. And it can save you some time and money where you might get 100 red ones ordered, when they want green ones, whatever that case might be.