Build Social Media Stories with Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing

Many times when we come in to a client, they’ve made strides in their social media marketing. They’ll hire a young professional, or a student that’s still in school that is passionate about social media. And they can get so far, like that’s a way that you can start to build a presence. But many times, they lack the depth of being able to track it, lack the depth of looking at it from a true marketing campaign. They’re having fun creating great content, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s gonna be something that’s gonna be a little bit slow moving for you and your business, if you just have a student doing it as a hobby.

That’s an issue that gives social media sometimes a bad name. People are like, “Well, I could just hire this person to do it.” And they come up, and then they’re like, “Well yeah, we already tried social media, and it doesn’t work for us.” Or internet marketing, or Google AdWords, or whatever it is.

So I always ask before working with a client, why they’re coming to us since they had this student there, what was their thought process? You wouldn’t go and hire someone that was inexperienced to fix the plumbing in your house, right? You’re gonna hire somebody that’s certified and things like that, and knows what they’re doing. But for some reason in marketing and social media, they’re just like, “Yeah, we’ll just get somebody to do it, and we’ll see where it goes.” Does that make any sense? It doesn’t to me.