Organic Social Media Marketing

The free game in social media is kind of over. I would say, there’s elements of Organic Social Media Marketing, but you absolutely need to pay to play. When we first started out, people were just throwing up a page … Facebook page … and people would show up. Nowadays, there’s so much more traffic, and there’s so much more noise, you have to be able to cut through there. So just the days of only relying on organic are dead. You’re going to need to have a strategy for your organic content. More importantly, you’re going to want to put an ad budget behind it, and you want to create content where you’re spending some money and investing money in that content to make it stand out a little bit more. You’re doing video work, making sure you have microphones and lights, or getting some good graphics design, not just going to Fiverr or Canva, creating the same stuff that everybody else is. So the days of just throwing it up and praying and hoping are long gone, and you need a true strategy to get out there.