Business Model Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing

Many times, business owners, marketing departments come, and they’re looking for social media to be the magic bullet. It’s going to solve all their problems. It’s going to fix all their issues. Technology can do that. It’s gone a long way. You need to have the right technology in there, but more importantly, the best technology, the best marketing, can’t sell a shitty product. So if your product and/or service sucks or the process to get to it sucks, all of that marketing might get you a little bit of a spike in sales, but ultimately it’s still a terrible product. So you want to look at things from that aspect.

What’s the best features of your product? Where does it serve the market the best? Then target that.

The beauty of social media is you can combine the top technology along with the targeting to then reach those people and provide a great service. But you need to look at all facets on this. You can’t just sit there and think that since nothing else is working, I’m just going to use internet marketing and social media to save my business because there might be some other issues. It does go in deep if there’s a lot of reputation management issues.

Well let’s fix them because if we start spreading the news on social media or other internet, you’re seen by more people. Those bad things might bubble up if they’re not fixed internally. So you need a good culture, you need a good product, you need a good service because they’re going to pull out all those warts that are in your business.