Social Media Marketing Measurement

It all boils down, no matter what you talk about, the elements of creating a great social media marketing campaign comes down to measurement and analytics and what you’re doing with them. If you’re not measuring what you’re doing, and you’re not looking back on what worked, what failed, what did awesome, what did poorly, everything in between, you’re just wasting money. You’re just doing it for doing-it’s sake. So you need to measure.

What are you measuring?

That’s the question you get. It leads back to that ROI situation. So if you’re only focusing on sales, then it’s easy. Hey, we’re doing this, we’re not getting any sales. But it’s a little bit more robust than that on social. Everything that you’ve seen, just the way Bad Rhino does things, is you’re treating it social to be social. So first and foremost, you’re developing a community. You’re educating them. In some cases, you’re entertaining them. Those things should lead to sales. People don’t want to go on to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and just be bombarded by sales messages. But at the same time, for a business, you know your sales are lifeblood.

You have to make sales.

The one way that you look at, where you’re doing your best is measuring it. Taking your analytics for what engaging post worked the best, what ads are working the best. Constantly test and refine that. Make sure that you scrape out all the stuff that’s not working and do more on the stuff that is working. So measurement is so key.