Social Media Promotion – Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing

So Social Media promotion. We talked about listening, content and engagement and then promotion. The promotion piece that we really want to push is when’s the right time to sell. When is the right time to hit the audience that they need to go buy your product or service or come see you or whatever that situation might be that could lead to a sale. When you’re promoting something, sometimes you’re going to promote directly for a sale, right? You have enough information. It’s that time. Now it’s time to promote directly for a sale. You also might promote something that just really engaged the community. Say you have like a nice picture of your office and people are commenting like, “Oh, I love the painting on the wall. I love this. I love the colors.” Whatever it might be. You have an engagement in that case just for something that identifies you and your brand. You want to take and you might want to promote that. Like, here’s a painting on the wall and here’s the story behind it, and you have a short video. You’re continuing that conversation and that promotion.

Social Media Promotion means sales ultimately. You’re going to promote things, but you don’t want to be loud about the sales. You want to keep it, you know 80/20 is a good rule. 80% engagement, 20% sales. Sometimes you can change those a little bit, do a little bit more sales, maybe a little bit more engagement, depending on where you’re at in your business and your marketing cycle and your strategy.