West Chester Based Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing

We chose West Chester for a variety of reasons. The first one was we found a very unique building that really illustrates what we what to be and be known for. We like to create a lot of content, so we needed a lot of space, so we started looking at different areas. We’re based here basically in the Philadelphia area, our previous office was in the mainline, in Wayne Pennsylvania, just outside of Radnor and we wanted to find something that not only had adequate space, but also had a small town feel. You know small businesses and social media go hand in hand.

We work with a variety of companies both large and small, but we wanted to make an impact in the small business communities and we found West Chester fit our needs on a variety of levels. One, there’s a great university here were we can work with students both recent grads as well as interns. We also had the physical office space that fit what we wanted as an industrial look and an older building that was remodeled and then thirdly is, you know it’s a great place to be and it’s close to everything.

Our clients can come up here from Philadelphia or from Harrisburg or from wherever they might be and it’s worked out really well, but ultimately working with a small business community is what we do best.