Who Is Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing

Bad Rhino is a social media marketing agency born out of an idea. What that idea was, is keeping things as simple as possible in a complex internet world. Social media gets complex. It’s cumbersome, it’s time consuming to do it right, and then all of a sudden you have to lump a strategy in there, and then Facebook decides to change the strategy.

When we started this company, we had a couple of different things that we wanted to make sure we bring to the forefront. The first one was education. We wanted to educate small business owners the best way possible to get the most out of their social media campaigns. Unfortunately, just like in any other industry, there are people that will rip you off, or sell different things that maybe don’t make much sense.

On the internet unfortunately, there seems to be quite a few. So we always said, number one is educate potential clients, as well as current clients.

The second part of who Bad Rhino is, is to always have a robust internship program. What we always wanted to do is, for my personal experience as well as my partner Rich’s experience, we would’ve never gotten any of the jobs, or have a career that we would have today, if it wasn’t for our internships and getting real world experience. So we always wanted to make sure that we had a good internship program, so that we could work with students to give them real experience, not just go get us coffee type of thing.

So the bigger part to all that of who Bad Rhino is, is making sure that we lead with a service and/or product, however you want to call it, that educates but also gets results. The internet can be a complex place, whether it’s just websites, social media, Google AdWords, there’s a lot of moving parts to it. So we always wanted to lead with something that gets results, and make sure we have some fun doing it. Social media should be fun, you’re creating content, you’re branding your business through some fun channels, so we want to bring that to the table as well.

As we’ve been able to grow, we’ve done a lot of cool things with non-profits, and giving back. Helping them get their brand out there. Working in the golf world to sponsor golf tournaments, and having some fun that way.

So all those things encapsulate Bad Rhino, but ultimately we know that they’re gonna hire our people, and they’re gonna want to work with our people, so we always want to have the best people, and we always want to leave them whether they’re an intern, or an employee, or a contractor, we want to have them leave with a good experience if they’re leaving. And if they’re staying, we want them to have fun, so that all comes about.