UPDATED November 29th, 2023

Have you been thinking it’s time to hire a social media agency to help with the seemingly billions of tasks needed to run social marketing effectively?

The right social media team will not only drive your marketing and revenue in the right direction, but the peace of mind of knowing it’s being done correctly is invaluable.

In this article, we share 10 reason why it might be time to bring on an agency for your  social media marketing needs.

1. Many Social Media Marketing brains are better than one

Working with an marketing agency like Bad Rhino means that your business benefits from the years of experience of many unique individuals.  We analyze your brand vision, brainstorm effective content methods and platforms, and execute ad strategy to produce results.  Would it be nice to sit back and watch the results hit your desk?  We think so.

2. Hiring an Agency is cheaper than hiring in-house

To hire an absolutely fantastic Social Media Director, you’re looking at a salary of at least $90-120K for a Director.  A marketing specialist will be cheaper, but by the time you add in their cost for benefits, equipment, time to hire, etc, you’re left wondering where the value is.

With Bad Rhino, we’ll build the package we feel meets your needs at a budget that makes sense.

3. Social Media Agencies are Battle-Tested

Bad Rhino has been in business for nearly 14 years and in that time we’ve come across thousands of unique challenges, social updates, and wacky situations.  We’ve been there for each great or agonizing update from every platform. We’ve experienced campaigns that may have failed.  We’ve experienced campaigns that have been a wild success.

When you hire an agency to run your social, they know (for the most part) what will work for your business and what won’t work.

4. Set it, and forget it!

After the on-boarding process and initial few months, you’ll start to feel that your social media marketing agency just understands what you want in both content, graphics, ads, etc.  From that point forward, you should be able to give clear direction and spend less time as they take care of the rest.

5. Scale up service

Is something working that you’d like to see more of? Is a specific ad campaign working so well that it’s time to scale up your spend?  With an agency like Bad Rhino, we make it easy to scale up what’s working and also tweak up anything that’s not.

6. Connections

A company like Bad Rhino has built up valuable connections with other agencies and companies over the years.  When you need something for your business, we may know the perfect connection.  That may be another agency or it an individual that you sell to.

7. Consulting/Business Advice

Social agencies have to understand your business from all angles. A great social agency will provide direction and insight into other areas of presence that need to be resolved or fixed to increase conversions.

8. Social agencies are always there

Like a good neighbor….you get it. While your in-house social media specialist is celebrating a holiday or off on a cruise to Mexico (lucky), social agencies will ALWAYS be there. Our team is cross trained on your strategy and tasks so that anyone can answer a question when your main contact is off for the day.

9. Social agencies love making you happy

Does revenue = happiness?  Great, that’s our driving goal for everything we’ll do.  Do you want the work load taken off your plate, while also driving revenue?  Great, let’s remove you from the daily process and add in new strategies to drive growth and revenue.   Long story short, our goal is making you happy and driving results.

10. It’s easier to drop a social agency

We saved this one for last since it’s not our favorite on the list. Hey, not every business relationship works out, and that’s quite OK. However, it’s much easier for a company to terminate a contract with a vendor than it is to fire their employees.

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