On any social media platform, the main goal for a company’s marketing strategy is to make the company “seen,” especially for big platforms like Instagram. Increasing Instagram exposure isn’t an impossible task; in fact, there are several steps you can take. Instead of waiting around to see if the algorithm happens to boost your content, read below for some ideas of how you can get ahead of the game.

Optimize your account for searches

The first step for increasing Instagram exposure is to make your content optimized for the platform, specifically the searches. While the search tool is rather unconventional, making these changes can help with Instagram exposure:

  • use key search terms in your bio, posts and hashtags
  • design content that focuses on what people are searching
  • make engagement a goal for your page
  • pick a good username (no symbols or numbers instead of letters, no punctuation in the middle, use key terms and make it easy to spell and remember)

If you manage to have a search term in both your bio and username, your account will rank higher in results. A good Instagram bio should also include something about your location for those who may be unfamiliar with you.

Research and refine your hashtags

Hashtags are probably the most powerful tool on Instagram and understanding how they work can help you pick the best ones for your page. When you go to search a single word in hashtags, Instagram will also show results that contain related hashtags, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Hashtags are also powerful because you can start a search just by clicking from a post rather than having to search the term in the physical search bar. With this feature, a curious user may click a hashtag on a friend’s post and come across your account that uses the same hashtag without having heard of the hashtag before seeing the post.

Utilize Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a great way to expand your organic reach. They work so that, if you have an Instagram Business profile, you can promote your existing posts within the app. The process is proven to be effective: according to Instagram, 50% of people surveyed said viewing an ad on the platform makes them more interested in a company.

Optimize your posts for hashtag searches

When you’re choosing hashtags for your posts, pick targeted and specific ones to see the best exposure results. Make sure you’re putting your hashtags in the caption, not the comments. Additionally, don’t shy away from using a specific hashtag based on how many posts it has; your content has a better chance of being seen under a more distinct hashtag rather than a general one (like #Fitness vs #MyFitnessJourney).

Determine optimal posting times

You have control over several factors on Instagram, including what time you post. If your Instagram account is set up as a business profile, you can access the insights page to find out more information. The Insights page shows you where, what time and what day your Instagram followers are most active.

As you figure out what times are more effective for posting, you can even schedule and plan out posts in advance!

Use videos

Video use on Instagram has exploded over the last year, with an increase of over 40 percent over six months. While photos may generate more likes, videos generate more comments. And, because it’s still a bit new, Instagram is heavily promoting Reels. Videos often appeal to younger Gen Z audiences even more, so incorporating them helps you add that audience into your marketing strategy.

Optimize for Location Tag searches

As you post on your feed, story and reels, make sure to include location tags. Firstly, adding these tags can make Instagram more likely to promote your content to people who are in areas of interest. Additionally, it’ll make it more likely for you to show up in the search results for a specific location.

Working through these elements are great strides to increase your Instagram exposure, as well as your overall social media presence. But, if you’re looking for a group of digital marketing experts to provide measurable results, reach out to us at Bad Rhino!