Is 2024 the year you planned on taking control and boosting  Bankruptcy attorney marketing strategies? If you’ve been thinking of elevating your approach to attracting valuable Bankruptcy lawyer leads, we have 14 marketing ideas for you to try and it all starts with optimizing your Bankruptcy lawyer website. 

Continuously optimizing and updating your Bankruptcy lawyer marketing tactics is crucial for sustained success. Regardless of your location or experience, every Bankruptcy lawyer relies on a consistent influx of leads to thrive. When you adopt a systematic approach that consistently attracts new clients and delivers Bankruptcy attorney leads ensures:

  1. Increased visibility among those you need to reach
  2. More lucrative cases for you and your team
  3. A reliable pathway to grow your legal practice

This blog is going to highlight efficient methods to generate Bankruptcy attorney leads by focusing on a number of Bankruptcy lawyer marketing strategies. Do you have your cup of coffee ready? 

1. Start with your Website to get More Bankruptcy Attorney Leads

Picture your website as the vibrant online storefront of your Bankruptcy legal expertise, which the key to unlocking:

  •  In-depth insights into your legal practice
  • Unveiling the array of Bankruptcy attorney services you offer
  • Showcasing your service area with attention to detail
  • Providing an easy way for potential clients to connect with you
  • Transforming visitors into high-quality Bankruptcy attorney leads

Do visitors know how to contact you when landing on your Bankruptcy Attorney website?  Is your website easy to navigate? Answer these questions without the lens of a practice owner and if you feel any of them are lacking, then it’s time to consider a new and improved Bankruptcy Lawyer Website.

2. Set Up Social Media Marketing Channels For Your Bankruptcy Attorney Practice

When your website is ready, your next step is building out Bankruptcy social media marketing for your practice.  We suggest creating a Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter account and focus on the following content categories:

  • Reviews/Testimonials:  Use real reviews from your Bankruptcy cases if you have them, but keep names off to remain anonymous.
  • Videos: Use short 30 second to 1 minute videos to answer common questions you receive. 
  • Bankruptcy Attorney Blogs:  Writing blogs is a great way to show thought leadership and help build a searchable presence on google.
  • Practice Updates/News: What’s happening at your practice? Share with your customers when there’s something worth sharing

We suggest 2-3 social media posts per week for your Bankruptcy social media strategy.  

Why do you need a DUY Attorney Social Media presence?  When your audience finds your website, one of the first things they’ll do is turn to social media to learn about your practice.  Make sure your presence paints the right picture and that you’re easily found on social media.  Keep in mind that your Bankruptcy Lawyer competitors may not be as visible on social media and this is an advantage for you.

3. Run Targeted Social Media Ads for Bankruptcy Lawyer Leads

Social advertising for Bankruptcy attorney leads can be a powerful tool to reach the right audience and increase visibility for your practice.   One key advantage of social advertising is its ability to target specific demographics. Bankruptcy attorneys can tailor their ads based on factors such as age, location, interests, company, online behavior, etc.

If you’re not sure where to start, a quick way to begin testing and gaining data is by promoting/boosting your content. Once you gain data, you’ll know what may work best or what you need to test moving forward.

Bankruptcy Marketing Strategies

4. Leverage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Bankruptcy Attorney Leads

One must strategy for your Bankruptcy Lawyer Strategy is PPC and SEM campaigns, proven to yield high-quality Bankruptcy attorney leads and foster the growth of your legal practice. While Google remains the most popular, don’t underestimate the potential of Bing. 

Why invest in PPC and SEM strategies for Bankruptcy Attorney Leads? For starters,  every $1 invested in Google Ads, businesses reap an average return of $2. Also, visitors who land on your website through PPC or SEM are 50% more likely to convert.  

If you don’t have experience with running PPC and SEM strategies for your practice, we can help.  Let’s set up time to talk.

5. Bring Your Bankruptcy Leads Back to Your Website with Retargeting

Not everyone who visits your website is ready to hire you on their first visit. As your leads search for their Bankruptcy attorney, you want to make sure they continue to see your practice everywhere. You can do this through retargeting and it’s a powerful Bankruptcy lead strategy.

Have you ever noticed that the same brands appear on social, banner ads, etc? You’ve been retargeted and the more you click or engage, the more you’ll be in their web of content and ad messaging. 

To effectively build Bankruptcy leads through retargeting for your Law Practice, it takes careful planning and continuous optimization. 

6. SEO for Bankruptcy Attorney Leads

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Bankruptcy attorney leads cannot be overstated. A robust online presence is the key to ensuring that your legal practice is prominently featured in their search results and a best practice for Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing.

SEO acts as a strategic roadmap to enhance the visibility of your law firm’s website on search engines, making it more likely for potential clients to discover your services. For Bankruptcy attorneys, being easily found online is crucial, as individuals dealing with legal challenges often conduct extensive research before selecting legal representation.

Just how important is SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers? Ask yourself this…how many results do you see before you click or decide to enter a new search phrase? Most people only look at the first 10-15 results or potentially move to page 2.  If you’re not in that first page, yor Bankruptcy practice doesn’t exist.

If you don’t like what you see on your next Google search, it’s time to talk to an agency like Bad Rhino to help with your SEO. 

7. Join a Local Chamber of Commerce

By forming relationships with other small businesses and local professionals, you’re able to become a source of referrals for their business,  which always comes back full circle.  A great way to do this is by joining a local Chamber of Commerce.  

8. Google Business Profile for Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing

When people are searching for a Bankruptcy Attorney, a local Google search is more than likely their first step. Will you appear on the Map where only 3 Lawyers will be shown?  Will they be able to easily locate your website and contact information? If not, then they’re moving on to your competitors and contacting them first.

Anytime you search Google for local services in your area, you have likely seen Google Business Profile at work. Results show on a map and lists other details about a business, including their website, reviews, contact information and a map with the location of the business.

Bad Rhino is able to help you optimize your Google Business Profile for Bankruptcy Lawyer leads. Just let us know if you want to learn more.

9. Get Local Bankruptcy Attorney Leads through GeoFencing 

When everything else is clicking, make sure your presence is felt everywhere with a GeoFence campaign, targeting the specific communities, businesses, and locations you want to be seen. When your target market enters the area, it triggers your ads being served to them, usually on a website or phone apps.

If you have questions or want to try a GeoFencing Campaign for Bankruptcy Attorneys, Bad Rhino can help.

Bankruptcy Leads

10. Answer All Reviews, Comments, and Private Messages

Yes, it’s time consuming, but every comment, message and review should be responded to in a timely manner.  Remember that you’re not just talking to that specific prospect, previous client, or potential troll, but you’re also showing all other potential clients that you’re responsive and transparent.  

When people take notice that you respond, prospect clients are more likely to leave you private messages and comments, leading to potential cases for you. This is a great addition to your Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing.

11. Use Nextdoor to build a Local Presence

Have you heard of NextDoor,  the popular local app that connects neighbors and neighborhoods for local tips, service recommendations and more? A ton of local businesses are found through NextDoor by individuals sharing their recommendations and reviews.  Business owners typically jump in as well to offer advice and support those local to their practice.

For Bankruptcy Attorneys, NextDoor can be used to jump in on related and/or unrelated conversations or just help promote local businesses. There may not always be a Bankruptcy related question, but when there is, you should be the first locally to come into that conversation on NextDoor.

12. Start a YouTube Channel for Helpful Bankruptcy Attorney Videos

Do you have the time and ability to make quick 30 second to 1 minute videos related for your Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing? Your leads are looking for someone that’s helpful and a company they can trust in their process.  Many of them will start by going to YouTube to find quick and helpful videos to guide them on their Bankruptcy problem. This is where you can win. 

We suggest creating a series of short 30-60 second videos to cover your FAQ items.  You can start with your iPhone and then later move into a production of content if you want to elevate your presence further on the channel.

These videos can be added into your social media channels and even to your Bankruptcy website to help educate customers and remove any hesitation in their decision process.

13. Use Direct Mail to gain Bankruptcy Attorney Leads

Direct mail is a great follow up to all of your Bankruptcy Digital Campaigns. Targeting the same locations and businesses increases brand presence and the recognition among your prospects. 

Do you need help implementing these Bankruptcy Marketing Strategies above? Contact Bad Rhino for a free consultation!