Advertising with Facebook

I think its safe to say social media is a big part of most people’s lives these days. Because of this, social media marketing is a huge part of any brand’s overall marketing strategy. Facebook has been the reigning king of social media for a while. However, recently the reach of business pages has severely dropped and Facebook has made it pretty clear that it is now ‘pay to play’.

That being said, there’s a very important question that you have probably been asking:

“Why advertise on Facebook?”

Honestly, it depends on your business, your audience, and your goals, but Facebook is still a very valuable tool for marketing. So instead of trying to answer that question for you, I thought maybe I’d just give you a few reasons why I believe you SHOULD spend money on Facebook advertising.

1. Targeting

One thing Facebook understands is that directing your advertising dollars toward the right audience is important. They have made it incredibly easy to target your ads to your exact ideal client. Whether you’re promoting your new book, launching your first business, or selling an online service, you can pinpoint your ads to only display to people who fit the detailed criteria you select. This allows you to rest a little more easily, knowing your hard earned dollars are being used only on potential leads.

2. Budgeting

For years I spent hours on the phone with ad sales people at magazines, radio stations, and newspapers. I never felt there were any options that fit my specific needs and budget. Most of the time, they were simply too expensive and not effective enough. Facebook ads can run you around $1-$2.50 per click, which is pretty high. However, if you get specific with your targeting, you can severely lower the cost. If you optimize properly, you can get clicks as low as $0.15. Not to mention, clicks on Facebook are much more valuable than what you get from most ad campaigns. Clicks are essentially leads.

3. Analyzing

Facebook ads reports allow you to precisely track each ad and ad campaign you run. You can track your ads’ Reach, Impressions, Clicks, Click-throughs, total money spent, cost per 1,000 people reached, cost per click (CPC), and how many page likes were a result of your ad being seen. This allows you to test and compare ads and adjust your targeting, budgets, and ad content.

Basically, when it comes down to it, Facebook may be one of the most effective marketing avenues available for your business. If you’re new to Facebook ads, ease into it with a small $25-$50 max budget and test your targeting. Then, analyze the results and build future ad campaigns to fit your needs and meet your goals.

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