Are you interested in adding video to your marketing plan? Thanks to Social Media Examiner, we now have the inside scoop on how to create a social media video to support to support a sales funnel:

Step 1: Create A Sales Video

  • Outline the key problem that your product/service can solve. This is your opportunity to explain a current issue, while providing a solution
  • Tell a story. Do this to keep your viewers engaged and entertained as they are being informed.
  • Be concise and use statements that keep viewers engaged. Be sure your video appears to be natural and not too “salesy”
  • Use the right tools. Think about the video’s production value to create a high-quality, professional video.
  • Sell! Include a call to action asking for a sale or a sign up.

Step 2: Automate Delivery of Your Video

  • Now that your video is complete, put it to work! Automating your sales funnel allows you to sell your products and services without even doing anything. Automation increases the average customer dollar spent by achieving massive growth.
  • Design an optimized landing page. This can be done through tools like Unbounce or Leadpages. Be sure to install a Facebook Pixel on the landing page. This landing page is supposed to be simple.
  • Create a Facebook video ad. You can target the ad to specific segments of your audience on Facebook.
  • In addition, retarget through Facebook ads to maximize your sales process. This is a way to get people who visited the page but didn’t get to the purchase stage.
  • Create an another ad about your product. This ad will only be shown to the people who visit your landing page and will draw people back to the page.

Step 3: Record and Serve an Upsell Video

  • This video will generate additional sales from purchasers because it will be a complementary product or service. The upselling of products will relate to the product they already purchased. Be sure to include benefits and solutions this new product will create for your customers.

Step 4: Measure Success and Refine Your Strategy

  • Review your metrics to find out if your sales video is succeeding! Look back at your initial goal that you set out to achieve. Have your reached your goal? Have you surpassed it?
  • Some metrics that you should measure:
    • Social media shares, comments, views
    • Landing page views, average time spent on landing page
    • Click-through rate on landing page
    • Average time spent watching sales video
    • Percentage of viewers who purchase
    • Percentage of upsell.
    • Percentage of abandoned shopping carts
    • Retargeted sales
    • Abandoned shopping cart sales via email

Tailor your strategy based off of your metrics review. Making the necessary changes will improve your results. See how simple it is? Now that you have what it takes to make an effective sales video- do it!