Golf courses are small businesses for the most part. As such, they should always work to attract new customers who are looking at discovering what their course has to offer.

But what can you do differently to find new folks? The most important thing is to have a solid understanding of your target market. After that, you will be able to learn how you can make it easier and more desirable for potential customers to select your golf course.

There are many things that a golf course may do to streamline the process of generating revenue. Here are some straightforward approaches to marketing that will bring in more people and generate more revenue.

Golf Course Marketing Ideas

#1 Effectively Use Social Media and Content Marketing

Most golfers wait until the last minute to schedule their tee appointments. These golfers typically go through a third-party scheduler. However, if they see their golf course tweeting about discount prices for the weekend, they have the opportunity to book directly with the golf course instead.

If you continuously manage your social media profile you will see an increase in the number of followers you have. This, in turn, will encourage people to think of you before any other courses.

Remember too, that the sport of golf is not an easy one to master. Therefore, the production of educational material will not only increase awareness of your golf course but will also raise awareness of the expertise of your teaching specialists. For instance, suppose you create a video about how to improve your chipping. After you do this, you can share it on your social media networks. As a result, this will assist in driving quality leads to your website.

# 2: Recognize and Appreciate VIP Customers

The best kind of customer is one who comes back to play your course frequently with a friend and spends plenty of money doing so. It’s true that they will be able to enhance their game. However, rewarding them for bringing in customers gives you an opportunity to congratulate them for being such a fantastic representative of their sport. Additionally, giving them a free round of golf as a reward for being one of your best clients builds loyalty that’s hard to match.

# 3: Organize a Fundraising Charity Event

Sharing the spotlight with another company that is in need of assistance can be one of the most profitable ways to bring in revenue for your club. Charity tournaments are a terrific way to spread the word about how well the golf course is run. In addition, it can showcase how enjoyable the game is. All this can be done while contributing to a worthy cause.

#4: Make Use of GPS Technology

The concept of deploying GPS on golf carts has been shot down by several golf courses due to the high operational costs. However, this technology can also be thought of as an advertising platform. In addition to that, it would make it possible for golfers to be in constant touch with the clubhouse.


Every golf course has its own unique procedures. Nevertheless, using social media, VIP rewards, charity events, and GPS technology can improve your customer count and increase revenue. If you are consistent in your efforts, you will be able to accurately assess the return on investment for each of these tactics.

Good luck!