Every brand wants people on their side who are enthusiastic about them. They want people who take their enthusiasm to the next level by showing their loyalty to your brand through their words and actions. These are brand ambassadors and they are valuable to your brand. They shape your image in the eyes of your fans and customers.

Let’s look at four ways ambassadors benefit your brand:

1. Positivity

Brand ambassadors exude positivity about your brand. They’re in love with you and their not afraid to show it. Because of their enthusiasm for your brand and product they know how to stir up interest in others. They share about you in their social circles both on and offline and that can cause a ripple effect that spreads across different social media networks.

2. Promotion

Brand ambassadors love you and your product so much they express their enthusiasm about your brand to others. They’re your biggest cheerleaders. Because they have experience behind their enthusiasm they are able to promote your brand out of personal knowledge and therefore are trusted by others. Trust can be hard to come by and someone who is not employed by you garners that trust because they are not being influenced by money.

3. Performance

Brand ambassadors are knowledgeable about your brand and what it has to offer. They have personal experience with your product and know how to use it. Because of this knowledge and experience they can provide customer service within your online community. They can answer questions, give advice and tips or confidently point you to someone in the company who can help. They often step in before a brand realizes there is a question or need.

4. Purchasing

Brand ambassadors buy and use your product. They love it and because of this others see their loyalty and delight with your brand. Often an ambassador will see someone on social that has a need or question and they’re eager to step in, offering your product or service as the solution. This results in people who are willing to take a chance and trust you as well. And that leads to sales.

Brand ambassadors shine a light on your brand and what it has to offer. They boost your reputation and build your community. Their dedication and loyalty to your brand should not be underestimated nor under appreciated. So remember to treat them well and show them how much you value what they do for your brand.

Are you a brand ambassador or do you know one? What do they bring to the brand?