Do you know what your customers are saying about you on social media? Many companies are flat out missing the questions, complaints, positive recommendations, and sales requests found on social channels like Twitter. While it’s true that it takes time to become an active listener on social media, there are listening tools and social media marketing agencies that will help you locate and respond to all mentions from customers on social media.

5 Companies Going Above and Beyond Customer Service on Social Media

In this blog, we’re highlighting five companies who have done a great job in listening to and responding to customers on Twitter.


If you know anything about Comcast, you know they’re pretty darn hard to reach on the phone. This leads customers to shout out their frustration in Twitter quite often. One thing to take note of here is that when handling issues on Twitter, Comcast always tries to resolve the problems live on Twitter rather than having a customer call.


Below is an interaction between a customer and a member of the Nike support team. You’ll see that the customer is having a technical issue and take notice of the continued response and attention to detail by the support member.

Jet Blue

People aren’t afraid to take to Twitter to complain about frustrations with a specific airline. The below example from Jet Blue shows how they’ve dealt with a frustrated customer.



If you don’t know who Cholula is, you should know they have the best hot sauce on planet Earth (at least I think so)! With such a supreme product, you won’t find many negative mentions on Twitter for them to respond to. What you will find is that they’re listening to mentions on their social pages and replying with witty GIFs and working to build relationships with their customers.

Below is an interaction I had with them back in 2016 when I first fell in love with their delicious sauce from heaven. I was so pumped when they replied and had a “lol” moment. The other is an actual customer service interaction.


Another great company to take a look at is Xbox. Their strategy is to answer the complaint quickly and move the conversation to a DM. Below you’ll find an example of a customer asking for a refund after wrongfully being charged for a game trial.

Is your company locating and responding to customers on Social Media? If you don’t have the time, tools, or know how to stay on top of this important task, our team could be right for you. Tweet us at @BadRhinoInc if you have any questions!