Whether your brewpub has been open for 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years, every brew master can agree on one thing. You need more people in the doors to taste your beer.

When using social media the right way, a brewer is able to build up their loyal community with craft beer fans and bring needed exposure to their brand and new brews. The problem is that managing every aspect of social media is time consuming with many moving pieces.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider working with a social media marketing agency:

1. Effective Social Media is Time Consuming

Creating a fan base of raging beer lovers doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a great deal of effort, testing, and time to find your audience and entice them to come try your beer. Social advertising, SEO, content creation, and continuous engagement with your current and prospective customers takes you away from what you do best – brewing beer.

A social media marketing agency takes all of this off of your plate, tweaks up the strategy when needed, and shares all of the results. If hiring an agency, make sure they provide a plan for 24 hour monitoring, a content calendar, and a plan for growing the audience with the right community members.

2. More Smart Social Media Marketing People on Your Team

A great social media agency has experience in your industry or similar industries. Bad Rhino has experts who understand specific strategies and campaigns for the beer industry. A team like Bad Rhino brings you expert content creators, community managers, strategists, and advertising experts to place your brand in all of the right places.

3. Social Media is Constantly Evolving

Just as you think you’ve got a handle on what works for your business, one or all of the social channels make a change. What has worked before no longer will work. A team like Bad Rhino stays ahead of the trends and knows how to adapt your strategy to fit the latest changes.

4. Great Beer is Not Enough!

Having great beer will help, but will it be enough to convince people to drink your beer over their other current favorite? Marketing your products and capitalizing on your successful community places your brand at the forefront of the local and/or national conversation. If your brand is able to tell your story, you’ll find that more raving beer fans are willing to share that story to their beer obsesses peers.

P.S. Bad Rhino CEO, Marty McDonald wrote “Great Beer is Not Enough!” Check it out by clicking here.

5. Access to Social Media Tools

You can spend weeks reviewing all of the available social media dashboards, analytics tools, content planners, and others. A social media agency will come in with their favorite tools and provide access to them if needed and where appropriate. 

When you’re ready to bring on an agency, here are some of the questions you should be asking:

  1.     How do you measure success on social media?
  2.     What are some other businesses you have worked with that may be similar to ours?
  3.     What are some goals you would have within the first 90 days of working together?
  4.     How do you plan to work with my team and how will the communication about what you will be posting be handled?

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