The social media channels for a bar or restaurant are typically where the first impression is made on a hungry potential customer.  Ask yourself, what impression are your social media pages leaving? Do you have a content strategy in place? Are you posting often? Is content engaging, informative, and inviting? To help you out in your content strategy, we’ve mapped out 5 great examples of social media posts for bars and restaurants. 

User Generated Content (UGC)

What people share and post on social media is the best way they can show gratitude, and create awareness about your restaurant. Customers love to take pictures of their food/drink and share it online for their friends. You can set up streams to both find these posts about your food/drink and then reshare them on your channels. This User Generated Content (UGC) strategy is a great way to PROVE to your audience that other people love the experience they’re having at your spot.  

While all UGC photos are great, one strategy is to highlight recent customer images that include specials/menu items. Bars and restaurants frequently update their drink lists and menus, and if you no longer serve those options, you may not want to include them in your own shared content.

Make sure to tag and give a photo credit to the customer. They will find it when you do and become even more of a loyal fan.

Events & Event Pages 

Creating an event page is super beneficial for any bar/restaurant. Not only are they creating buzz, they are getting an idea of how many people would be interested in attending. Make sure to repost and share the event page as often as possible with custom content.

Although event pages can only be created on Facebook, you can still generate buzz on Instagram and Twitter by sharing links or images of the event. Make sure to use a paid promotion budget to increase reach and grow your guest list. 

Multiple Choice Questions Using Menu Items

One social media post for bars and restaurants that does amazing is multiple choice questions.  We have seen tremendous engagement across the board for all of Bad Rhino’s clients using this format.  You’ll see in the example below that we like using the A, B, C, D format here, rather than set up a poll. This has results in much higher engagement for us and a picture isn’t necessarily needed for these posts to perform.

The example below highlights 4 different flat breads that we wanted to push and create exposure for at a brewery client of ours.

Fill in the Blank Questions Using Menu Items

While multiple choice highlights different items you offer, fill-in-the blank allows your audience to answer however they like. You can push them to answer in a way that helps your brand as shown below.  In the example below, we simply wanted to ask folks what their current favorite beer from the brewery is.

Like multiple choice, the chance of seeing comments from your followers increases, providing many opportunities to engage in one-on-one interactions.

Featured Menu Items and Daily Specials

Restaurants and bars change up their menus and draft lists frequently. This is where creating great social media posts helps to generate buzz for what’s available now.

Our friends at 2nd Story Brewing know this strategy all too well.  Here’s an example of of how we’ve prepared their new beer release posts, that have generated amazing interest and exposure among their audience. 

The more you learn about what your unique audience likes and dislikes, the closer you’ll be to delivering the right content strategy. We suggest including all of the above social media posts for bars and restaurants into your content strategy.  Let us know how it’s going and feel free to ask us questions.

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