For months, businesses in the Golf Industry have been patiently waiting for the green light to open. Right now, it’s important to focus on your online marketing tactics to keep up engagement with your customers.

We’re here to share some gold course marketing strategies that will help you be ready to reopen to the public.

Start A Contest

A simple method that can be used to bring back your loyal customers will also bring new leads to your business. Let your target audience know that you’re thinking of them and you can’t wait to get them back on the green.

Hosting a contest for a gift certificate or new clubs will do just that. Tell you customers to make a mini golf course using household items or build a 9 iron club only using toilet paper rolls. Make it simple and easy to do.

Video Content

The best way to gain the attraction to potential customers is to upload video content of the course and all the amenities you offer. These can be uploaded to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People like to review things before they take their wallets out, so these videos will let them picture their experience with your business.


Right now, online content is being consumed at a record high rate, so creating blog content is important to keep traffic up on your site. Write a blog post with tips on how to practice your swing at home. Giving your customers creative ways to still engage with your company will get them on the course.

Be sure to implement your SEO strategies with the right keywords to gain new attention from prospective leads. Here’s our guide to all things SEO and how to optimize your blog.

Social Media

Sharpen up your social media by engaging with the customers who have visited your club. Customer engagement will reinforce the memories they’ve had being your customer and it will bring them back for more. Some ways to do this: Reshare posts from users that tagged your course, create posts with a CTA, comment back, and follow up on reviews.

Referral And Incentive Program

An easy way to gain new customers is to implement a referral program. Members can access points by referring their friends to your course and in turn they get incentives that keep them spending. This program will make your customers loyal to your course, so they can redeem their points.

Website Optimization

It’s important that your golf course has a site that is user friendly, helpful, and updated regularly to provide your customers with a great experience before tee time.Make sure you have a site that’s optimized for mobile use. Including an online booking tool will help members schedule their visit and will be easy for your business to track.

Another helpful tool for your site is a FAQ page. What’s the questions you often get asked? Any particular policies that people need to know before they arrive? Make sure these are on your site.

Here’s more information on how to optimize your site.

These five tips will help you get your golf course ahead of the curve before reopening. Your customers will appreciate the engagement and enhancements made to your marketing strategy, which will bring more revenue.

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