During a crisis brands are quick to push out messaging to reassure their loyal customers. In this state of COVID emergency, it’s crucial for companies to understand that this silent enemy has a ripple effect in every business.

While many people are waiting for their normal life to get back into swing, companies are worried for their future growth. B2B companies need to take measures to shift their strategy for the “new normal.”

The reality is: your strategies won’t be going back to normal ever again. Business has taken a different path and your strategy just doesn’t fit anymore.

So, what are you supposed to do?

Here’s What Needs To Change:

Shift Your KPIs:  B2B companies need to reconsider how they quantify business success in a COVID world. The virus didn’t just change the location of your business, but it changed how your company assesses what’s working and what’s not.

Yes, key performance indicators will let you know if what you’re doing is working, but only if you’re looking at the right points for business.

All of us are implementing new strategies to survive in a “COVID world” and your company needs to assess what is still thriving.

Accept That Your Messaging Doesn’t Work Anymore: If you’re using an automated marketing system to send out your emails, check the messaging. This will impact your lead generation and the tone of your company during a global pandemic. We’ve all seen the “we’re in this together” messaging but if you’re not tweaking your automated messaging that speaks the story of a global pandemic, your company will be seen as tone deaf.

Show people that you understand we’re all in this together. Show people you can aid them in a global crisis.

Refocus Your 2020 Strategy: The plans you had for the new decade of your company don’t have to be completely tossed out. Your service can still be relevant, but you’re going to need tweaks to provide more of your experience online.

Lucky for you, Bad Rhino has a few tips on the social media implementations that can save your business moving forward.

Reassure your Team and Customers: Your customers undoubtedly have empathy for the struggles your business is going through and it’s important to keep that relationship going. Let them know you’re still here to provide them a premiere experience under these circumstances. Many companies have made the tough decision to downsize their employees. For the people still under your brand, let them know you’re working to push forward to a new state of business. Tell them you’re glad they’re here for the journey.

B2B companies need to revamp their strategy to navigate the “new normal”. Luckily, Bad Rhino is here to to help you reevaluate your business in a COVID world.

Contact our team. We’re here to help you through this.