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Article: 10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement 

Engagement is the bread and butter of Twitter. If you’re not getting it, you’re going to be going hungry. If your followers are not engaged with the content you are posting, your social media presence is futile. Here are 4 easy ways to build up your engagement.

1. Tweet during daytime hours and on the weekends
An easy way to think about this, is that you should post content when the sun is out–8 in the morning to seven at night are the prime times for posting on Twitter. Don’t think just because the weekend is a time for taking a break from everything that that means people aren’t active on social media. Research says that in comparison to the week days, social media engagement is 17% higher on the weekends.

2. Ask for Retweets
Be shameless. Clearly spell out the word “Retweet” (rather than RT) in a tweet once-in-a-while and followers will often listen. Obviously do not abuse this tactic, but simply peppering this into your tweeting schedule can show good results.

3. Send 1 to 4 Tweets Daily
Don’t bombard your followers with floods of tweets every day. Tweeting too much can result in bad engagement because if there is anything people hate, its being force-fed content.  With this being said, don’t completely stay off of your Twitter page–continue responding to @’s and direct messages.

4. Use Hashtags (The right way)
First off, if you’re going to use hashtags, don’t hashtag more than two words per tweet and #dont #hashtag #insignificant #words. Hashtags can double engagement, especially if the hashtags are industry-specific!